About Us


At Music and Rock School we understand that every student is different, so there isn’t a single “right” way to learn.  Some students excel at learning music by “ear” while others are more comfortable learning from a book.  Additionally, each student has his or her own goals and objectives.  As instructors, our job is not to dictate how and what each student will learn, but to work with students (and parents) to determine those goals and objectives, and give them the tools to succeed!

Prior to beginning lessons at Music and Rock School each student is interviewed to determine elements that will be key to their success, such as favorite musical styles and artists, previous lessons or training, and their expectations.  Throughout their lessons, Music and Rock School students:

  • are active participants in setting their own goals
  • are active participants in choosing their music
  • feel more invested in their learning process, and as a result, are typically more eager to learn

While every student is different and complex, our goals at Music and Rock School are simple – ensure that you are learning music and having fun!

Playing vs. Practicing

While weekly lessons lay the foundation for learning an instrument, the real fun begins when you apply that knowledge.  At Music & Rock School we encourage all of our students to get involved in our performance-based programs to realize their potential by playing, not just practicing.

  • Two Music & Rock School concerts per year – Summer and Winter.
  • Additional performance opportunities at community events and low-profile gigs like open mic nights.
  • Rehearsal-based group programs like the Band Program.

After all, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to go to soccer practice every week if you never got to play a game.  Why should music be any different?