Guitar is much better than homework.

-- Rishika, Age 7

This was our first concert with the school, and we were very impressed.  Music & Rock School is second to none.  Thank you one and all!

-- Susan Short

I wish my students could go here! Awesome!

-- Cathy Sorvari, Choir Director, White Lake Middle School, Michigan

The personal interaction with the kids is phenomenal! That's what is different with Music & Rock School from all the others.

-- Robin Oke

"I cannot say enough about how great Music & Rock School is.  My son, Grayson, is a very shy, quiet boy by nature, but John, his instructor, knew just how to get him to come out of his shell.  My son is now a quite accomplished guitar player at only 10 years old!  Grayson is proud of his playing and often gives us private concerts at home for family and friends, and he is always beaming when he does so.  I would recommend Music & Rock School to any person, young or old, looking to learn to play an instrument!"

-- Kimberly Sands

"My 11 year old son started with Music & Rock School about 6 months ago and he loves it!  This is the first time he has had guitar lessons and it has been a great experience.  John is an excellent teacher.  He makes learning fun.  They teach/play the rock music kids are interested in. I rarely have to remind my son to practice, he does it on his own because he enjoys it."

-- Judy Mizeur

"Lauren was on cloud 9 after her lesson and it was all she could talk about.  Nate, her instructor, is an absolute rock star in her mind (and ours as well:-)).  She wants to play and sing more than anything in this world, and as a mom it's so cool to see her validated by someone outside the family.  It does wonders for her self-esteem!"

-- Christine Dymek

Ian is a very awesome,extra-double, awesome, rockin', motivational teacher.  I wouldn't even call him a teacher, he's so cool.  It feels like I'm learning from a friendly rock star (they're rare), which he is, just so ya' know."

-- Andie Burke

Our 2 sons, ages 9 and 11 recently started taking lessons at Music and Rock School.  They absolutely LOVE going to their lessons. They respect and admire their instructors. They come home excited to practice. We are very impressed with how much they have already learned.

-- Denise and Ed Pescaro

My favorite part of Music and Rock School is getting to perform.  You can perform by yourself or with a band.  You get to be creative.  You can pick the songs you want to learn or write your own.  Music and Rock School is just awesome!

-- Zach Raimundo, Age 8

I’m living the dream of a Rock Star as a kid!  Matt, my instructor, teaches me the songs that I want to play, at my level, which is so awesome!

-- Jacob Raimundo, Age 10


It is really fun! I like my teacher because he doesn’t rush me and he is really nice. I would like to have a longer class.

-- Tess M., Age 9


Jordan likes that you pick music that interests him. He finds the lessons very relaxing and I don’t feel like I am dragging him to lessons. The first concert that was held was a great experience for him.

-- Robin Oke


John is great with Olivia. She gets excited about going to her weekly lesson. She is very excited to learn new notes, chords and songs.

-- Kelly Oschman

I love my guitar lessons! It’s really cool that I get to choose some of the songs from my own iPod to learn!

-- Matthew G., Age 12