March Student of the Month: Diana B.

As an adult student a Music And Rock School, Diana B. is taking full advantage of performance opportunities and special programs we offer here in conjunction with her guitar lessons. She also offers an interesting take on picking up a new hobby later on in life. “I played recreational guitar when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t until I got divorced that I realized something was missing,” Diana (who requested to remain ageless!) said. “I wanted to try something new. And the guitar was portable!”

February Student of the Month: Jessie B.

14-year old Jessie B. is one of MaRS’ first non-veteran performers to be featured as a Student of the Month, which just goes to show how much progress she has made in her short time as a guitar student here. She began taking lessons in May of 2012 and when our Winter Concert rolled around in January, she jumped at the chance to perform in it.

Is your music an expression of your playing, or a cyborg?

I had a group of 12 and 13 year-olds in the Music & Rock School recording studio this weekend helping them record the latest song they wrote together as a band.  We had just started tracking guitars when the guitar player said something like, “can I just do the verse once then use that for all of the verses?”  These kids are pretty smart, but I was shocked that their impression of recording music seemed like a cut-and-paste project where the engineer/editor, with a toolbox full of plug-ins, plays a larger roll in creating the song than the musicians themselves.

January Student of the Month: Amber M.

16-year-old Amber M. is the total package when it comes to performing: she can sing, play guitar, and dance. This past December marked her 3-year anniversary as a student at MaRS and in that time she has taken great advantage of our many performance opportunities. Over the past year, Amber has continued to grow and improve as a musician and expand her performance horizons even further.

December Student of the Month: Grayson S.

Guitar student Grayson S. holds the honor of being Music & Rock School’s longest-running student. Grayson, 12, began taking lessons in May of 2009 right after MaRS was first established, so when we say he has participated in all of our concerts and events, we really do mean all of them!

By The Numbers: Our Rock Band Program = More Rock For Your Buck

We are huge fans of performance-based learning here at Music & Rock School.  That is why, in addition to private lessons on guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/piano and voice, we offer rock band programs, like our All-Access program, and a number of similar band programs.  The objective is applying the knowledge a student gains in lessons into a practical setting.  Programs like All-Access also provide interaction with other musicians, a goal-oriented setting, and live performances.  The result is students tend to learn more, and at a more rapid pace, in these settings co

October Student of the Month: Ricky Y.

It goes without saying that one of our favorite things here at MaRS is watching our students learn and grow as musicians. But its another thing completely to watch as what was once a student’s simple passing interest in music grow into what can only be described as a way of life. Meet 15-year-old Ricky Y, a guitar student of nearly two and a half years.

Music & Rock School at the Apex Jazz Festival


If you happened to attend the 2nd Annual Apex Jazz Festival last weekend, September 15, in Downtown Apex, then you were among the thousands of people from the triangle and beyond enjoying some great live jazz and blues performances throughout the day.  Music & Rock School was well represented at the festival this year.

Music & Rock School -- Voted Best Place to Expand Your Horizons in Cary Living Diamond Awards!

Cary Living Magazine 2012 Diamond Awards Best Place to Expand Your Horizons

We're honored to be featured in Cary Living magazine's 2012 Diamond Awards Issue.  Music & Rock School was voted "The Best Place to Expand Your Horizons"!  Here is a direct quote from the September/October 2012 issue of Cary Living, in which the Diamond Awards are featured:

Student of the Month: Cameron U.


14-year-old Cameron U. is one of MaRS’ promising up-and-coming bassists. Though his introduction to music came through playing trombone for a couple years in the school band, his decision to start playing the bass was inspired by one of the most iconic bassists in recent history – Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“I watched him play.” Cameron said. “That was all it took. My stepdad showed me a video of him and I just thought ‘this guy is absolutely ridiculous.’”