Keyboard/Piano Lessons Now Available

I'm excited to announce that Music & Rock School is now offering keyboard and piano lessons. Consistent with our philosophy at Music & Rock School, lessons are more focused on rock and pop music, and preparing students for performance and playing with other musicians. While our piano instructor, Matt Kesic, studied concert performance piano in college, his playing experience also includes extensive work playing and recording with rock bands.

Merge Records and Idol Records Support the cause at Music & Rock School

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity at M.a.R.S. headquarters, but I wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank the folks at Merge Records, as well as Erv Karwelis, founder and president of Idol Records, for supporting what we do here at Music & Rock School. Both record labels sent care packages with posters, stickers and CDs to decorate the new studios!

Voice Lessons and The Art of Screaming

Have you ever wondered how rock singers can scream for an entire concert and NOT lose their voice? The answer is proper training in their voice lessons. If a singer screams the wrong way, they'll constantly lose their voice, tear up their vocal chords and potentially cause themselves permanent damage. If they scream the right way, they'll improve their singing technique and be able to scream night after night, worry free!

Student Profile: Olivia Oschman

Olivia Oschman has only been playing the guitar for six months, but prior to starting she had wanted to learn to play for over two years.  When you consider that Olivia is only nine years old, it means she's had the desire to play guitar for almost a quarter of her life!  Since starting lessons at Music & Rock School, she's wasted no time in setting goals and working to achieve them.  Only a few months into lessons she was already playing some of her favorite songs.  "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat...check.

Drum Lessons Now Available at Music and Rock School

I'm excited to announce that drum and percussion lessons are now available at Music & Rock School in Downtown Apex! I've hired Theous Jones on as the drum instructor, and I think drum students in the Apex area are really going to benefit from his knowledge and approach to teaching drums and percussion.

Stand Up & Rock: The art of playing guitar standing up

How often do you see your favorite rock stars playing concerts sitting down, drummers excluded? Part of learning to rock on the guitar is, well, ROCKING on the guitar. And that means strapping that guitar around your neck, standing up and rocking out! The first time you play guitar standing up though, it can almost feel like you're playing guitar for the first time... period. It takes practice to get comfortable, just like everything else involved with playing the guitar.

News & Observer recognizes Music & Rock School

‘Rock Reborn at Apex School’ — Music & Rock School was featured in the News & Observer today. It features some nice quotes from student Parker Fredrick, and a mention of the new Masters Program. The full article is available in the News & Observer online edition by clicking here.

M.A.R.S Students Rock For Charity

Music and Rock School students have been asked to perform as part of a fundraising event on Saturday, September 26th. The 1st Annual Rock Around Red Robin, held in Apex, NC, is billed as a rock 'n' roll street fair, complete with a rocking chair marathon, Guitar Hero competition, and live entertainment all day. The students from Music and Rock School will be joined by seven other musical acts performing throughout the day.

Dealing With Frustration When Learning to Play an Instrument

At some point everyone gets frustrated with their progress when they're learning to play guitar, or any other instrument. The key is learning the best way to deal with that frustration so it doesn't completely freeze your progress, or worse, cause you to quit playing.

How Do I Choose a Guitar?

Finding the right guitar for a child is sometimes overlooked when parents get their kids involved in music. While a hand-me-down guitar from a sibling or an uncle is easy on the budget, there's a possibility that it could actually hinder the child's progress. First consider the size of the guitar, and if it fits your child, but also think about the type of guitar.

Guitar SIze