December Student of the Month: Jonah Pollone

The musical mindset of Jonah Pollone is absolutely amazing! Having taking lessons at Music and Rock School for 2+ years Jonah has grown into a mature seasoned percussionist. Jonah also plays the guitar as a secondary instrument.

Since the beginning Jonah has always been a musically driven individual. From the moment he steps into the lesson room, its obvious he is anxious to learn and also share anything musical he has learned or seen while away from Music and Rock School. Simply chatting about a percussionist/drummer he saw on Youtube quickly turns into a musical discussion and breakdown of what was played.

Jonah has a wide variety of musical influences. Some of them include the following: John Mayer, Miles Davis,  Wiz Khalifa, Carter Beauford, Dennis Chambers, Tony Williams, and Art Blakey.  Jonah also functions in all genres as well. From Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, and Latin styles, he is capable of handling all of them.

Jonah has played a number of concerts for Music and Rock School . He is also apart of the Jazz Ensemble at Panther Creek High School. Currently Jonah is the principal drummer in his own band “Hybrid Zone” in which he continues his musical endeavors throughout the Triangle area.