January Student of the Month-Sydney Andrew

         Sydney Andrew is one of few kids in this era of Pop music that has the passion and drive to perfect their craft.  She has been taking guitar lessons for half a year now and recently added singing to her arsenal.  Sydney's musical tastes are drastically different than your average teenage girl.  She enjoy's  a lot of 80's music and classic rock in all forms.  Some of her favorite artists include The Beatles, Journey, The Police, Rolling Stones, and Guns n' Roses.

It is obvious at the start of her lesson that she had spent all week mastering the previous lesson, and is filled with questions and further curiosity of rock music.  Her goals are to continue fine tuning her voice and the guitar, and to eventually have a handful of her own original songs.  Sydney's raw talent and determination are an excellent example of what today's youth can accomplish in music, with a little help from Music and Rock School.