Music and Rock School currently offers lessons in:

  • guitar (electric and acoustic)
  • bass guitar
  • drums and percussion
  • piano/keyboard
  • voice and vocal technique*
  • song writing
  • music theory

We have experience teaching all ages and skill levels.


Music & Rock School offers a number of different lesson programs for students, based on experience and desired commitment.


weekly  30-minute lessons

$25 per lesson. Usually $100 per month.  
weekly  45-minute lessons $37.50 per lesson. Usually $150 per month.  
weekly 60-minute lessons $50 per lesson. Usually $200 per month.  
Jam Program $25 p/ session  
Saturday Band Program $25 p/ session  

*We believe voice lessons require a proper physical warm-up to prepare the vocal chords and protect them from injury, which can take from15-20 minutes.  As such, minimum duration for voice lessons is 45 minutes, and monthly tuition is $150.

Monthly tuition is based on the number of lessons for your given day in the month. Please see the attached pdf for Lessons per Month by Lesson Day

MaRS Tuition by Month

Advantages of enrollment at Music & Rock School includes:


  • Top-notch instruction from qualified, experienced musicians
  • Performance opportunities at summer and winter concerts, as well as various community and Music & Rock School events throughout the year (PeakFest, Relay for LIfe, Apex Jazz Festival, etc.)
  • More opportunities for interaction with other students through group rehearsals, performances and recording than any other school in the area
  • Access to and instruction on professional equipment
  • Student discounts on special workshops.

Music & Rock School has an open enrollment policy and we do not charge an enrollment fee. To view our student pollicies, please click here: MaRS Lesson Policies