Jam Program

The Jam Program is a performance-based, goal-oriented program for students who have learned the basics on their instrument and are interested in applying what they’ve learned in a practical way.  Students learn a pre-determined set list of songs during weekly lessons, then practice and perform those songs as a full band with other students during the Jam Class.  Students may choose to learn just one or all of the songs in the set list, based on their comfort level.  Think of the Jam Program as an organized band rehearsal coached by experienced Music & Rock School instructors.

What Students Learn

The Jam Program is about playing live! Aside from the songs in their set list, some of the things students learn include:

  • Importance of song structure
  • Dynamics involved in playing with other musicians
  • Playing through mistakes and improvising when needed
  • Guitarists/Bassists – playing standing up
  • Drummers – maintaining tempo for other players to follow you
  • Guitarists – using pedals and foot switches (distortion/clean/FX)
  • Keyboardists – playing accompaniment in a band
  • Singing back-up vocals/singing and playing
  • Balancing volume levels and blending tone

Many of the things that students learn during the Jam Program typically aren’t covered in regular lessons.  And some of them simply can’t be covered in regular lessons due to the dynamic.

For tuition information for the Jam Program, please visit the Pricing and Policies page.  For additional information or to register for the Jam Program, please contact Music & Rock School at 919-924-0425, or via e-mail at info@musicandrockschool.com.