Girls Rock on the Guitar at Music and Rock School

When I was first learning to play the guitar in the early 90s my high school offered a guitar class that I took one semester.  I specifically remember that there were only two girls in the class and at least 15 guys.  In recent years I’ve noticed that my male to female student ratio is much more balanced, and that I have about as many female students as I do male students.  I could guess and hypothesize as to why that is, but I’d rather spend that time encouraging more girls to start playing rock instruments, like guitar, bass and drums!

I’ve noticed that my female guitar students typically deviate from some of the more popular goals that male guitar students have.  Often girls are interested in learning songs that I’ve never been asked to teach before, and many seem to have a greater interest in writing and creating music.  That’s not to say that guys don’t have those goals as well, and that girls aren’t interested in leaning songs like “Back in Black”, “Sweet Child of Mine”, and “Crazy Train”, for instance.  I’m simply trying to recognize and celebrate the diversity that I see in some of my female guitar students.

Whatever the reason for the shift, I think it’s fantastic that more girls are playing guitar and other rock instruments, starting bands, and writing music.  The rock ‘n’ roll stage is set for the next generation of female rock stars.  Rock on, girls!